SKØN was founded by two young women who wanted to bring more self-love to the beauty-industry.

SKØN was founded by us – Gisele & Antonia – in 2019.

We have always struggled with the unrealistic image of beauty promoted by cosmetics companies and our society in general. Sometimes we felt like being beautiful – or complying to certain standards of beauty – was more important than our health or well-being. That’s when we figured that cosmetics should be most of all healthy for you, for your body but also mind.

The two of us having Perian-Dutch and German roots, we met in Sweden and decided to start the skincare company which takes care of everyone. We strive to be advocates for self-love over self-transformation with the help of natural, beautiful skincare with one special ingredient – hemp! Not only it is great for the skin: For us, it also stands for an edgier, rule-breaking approach in comparison to the obsolete practices of other players in the beauty industry.

We showcase natural and divers beauty. With our cosmetics, we put the focus on you and your well-being. With SKØN, we want to empower you to take care of yourself & show you that you are important.  


We always create our products and campaigns together with our collective.  Want to be part of the process? Sign up to our mailinglist and we’ll get in touch when we are up for a new adventure. 

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