Hydrating moisturizer rich

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Hydrating moisturizer rich

35.00 10.00

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Especially made for dry skin. We are proud to introduce to you our ultra nurturing everyday hydrating cream. It provides ultimate hydration and soothes the skin to prevent any blemishes and redness. It has rejuvenating components to avoid any fine lines. We have added Jojoba oil to the light version because it  is a great base that prevents oiliness of the skin but leaves  it hydrated. To top it off there are added vitamins within the formula in order to provide an all-in-one product that provides you with all the care your skin might need. This cream is natural and vegan. We have packaged it in aluminium to provide the utmost sustainable packaging solution.

We have added a lovely combination of natural lavender and sweet orange oil to create a fresh scent that will melt into your skin.

We suggest you to use this cream as a primer or as a base and to apply the cream in the evening after you have washed your face.


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