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  • This weekend we really felt it... sun‘s coming out again and there’s some spring in the air for sure 💛🌿☀️ Did you grab the chance to go outside to load up on some vitamin D? 
Our girl @poneli here wears her tinted moisturizer in shade no. 002 ✨ 
Photo by the talented ms. @philinevandenhul
  • The end of the week is here and we aren’t done yet! But that’s ok because this week we got some great artists on board for our upcoming online and offline happenings! 🙌🏽✨ Next week we can finally start saying what we’re up to but for now, our Malmö friends, keep the 1st of March free from 4 to 7. We have something in store for you guys ✨
Behind the scenes shot by @philinevandenhul ❤️
  • One thing we always had in mind when developing our creams was its feel on the skin.. Because in the end, it’s all about the touch ✨ 
How does your skin feel like after using your moisturizer? 💦
Photo probs to our girl @philinevandenhul
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